Raavi Paar

Hello, this is a story named Raavi Paar from the book of the same name by Gulzar. I have attempted to rewrite it in my own words. Do read and give your feedback.

The fire of hostility was spread all around. What was once a giant piece of land where humans lived as brothers in harmony was now divided into two sections based on religion. It was like The mother was forced to witness and select a side between the two of her sons and favor one of them. Riots, curfew, murders, and communal violence was a daily affair then.

Amidst this chaos and mess, there lived a family. It consisted of a man, woman, the man’s parents, and the couple’s twins. As the intensity of riots and violence increased, they decided to leave the place and go across the river to settle across the border.

As they were leaving with all the luggage and family, the father stood on the balcony and asked the couple if they are ready to go. They were ready. The old man took a step and started to come downstairs. But fate had something else decided for him. As soon as he reached the third step , he slipped and fell in the verandah. The old man fell exactly on the small hand pump and it pierced through his head. The blood was spread all around. The blood of the old man spread on the ground and colored mother earth as if she was crying red tears.

This shocked them but they needed to move on. They completed the rituals and then went to a Gurudwara for food and shelter. They stayed there for a day. As they left, the mother refused to come as they had to travel by train and old age would not be able support the struggle and hardship that they were going to face. After much discussion, the couple left with their twins. Their parents were left behind. The father was in heaven while the mother at God’s home. Both in the protection of holy powers.

The couple reached the station with their twins. The station was full of people and there was no place to stand. The train came and it was like a sugar crystal covered by ants from every possible angle. It seemed like a flock of people sitting on one another and there was no sign visible which could prove that it was a train except the length . Somehow, the couple got to climb the roof of the train as they had kids with them.

The journey started. The kids started crying and the mother knew they were hungry. She could only breastfeed her. This went on for a day. The next day, they could not hear one of the babies crying. Soon, the couple checked the baby. The baby had died. The greed and the desperation of man had lead to the death of everyone, from innocent newborns to the wise olds.

They kept the dead baby with them some time but they realized that there wasn’t enough space to keep the baby. The people sitting besides them also advised to throw the baby in the river when they pass the bridge as there would be a lot of violence and chaos even after they leave the train. It would be best to return the baby to mother nature through the holy river of Raavi. They agreed and they had not much choice.

Soon, the bridge arrived. One of the kid was in the hands of the husband while the other one was the wife and she was breastfeeding him. He threw the baby by wrapping it in a small cloth They soon heard a cry.

The baby being breastfed was the dead one.


The Mirror 

Life is perfect. I earn 2 lakhs per month, my company is one of the most bankable ventures in the market, and my lover is the most interesting, romantic, and attractive person you’ll ever meet.  If you thought it cannot get better, think again. I am going on a Europe tour the next month with Ruhani, my lover and to be wife. It is so exciting to even think about this when your whole of life has been constrained to a small village in Gujarat- Rajsamdhiyaran. The farthest I have ever been is Ahmedabad, the most developed city of the state. Ruhani is the better one here. She has been all over India as her father is in a government job and he gets transferred and promoted every 4 years. It is great to have her by my side for this trip. One might think that why would a 27 year old young man who is the owner of a highest earning startup get nervous at the thought of traveling? 

It all starts in my childhood. I was a stubborn, sneaky, and curious child who would question everything and get to the roots of it to know it. This was appreciated in the beginning by my family, but soon it began to annoy and bother them. I used to ask my father that why he would always write with right hand and never with left hand. What would happen if the roads are replaced by rivers like that in Europe. He answered whatever he could, but me being me, I would ask the same thing until I finally found its answer. This annoyed my father a lot, especially when he was working and writing stories for his book. Oh yes, he is an author of children’s storybooks. His books are not very popular but we earned a good enough living to eat well and live a quite descent lifestyle. Another peculiar trait about him is what I call “the uncivilized keeda” in him. He preferred villages over cities, walking over cars, trees instead of houses, and so on. He would eat only roti sabzi and pizzas, pastas, burgers are all welcome, but in rare occasions. He was a sophisticated and advanced villager. 

One day, he was writing a story about a kid who always disobeyed his parents. I peeped in his work and started asking the same questions again. “Papa, why do you write with right hand while mom writes with left? Why sometimes sun and moon come together? And when they come, is it night or day? What would happen if trees had gold in their leaves but we never discovered it?” My questions didn’t have an end. He got fed up but he knew that anger would only make things worse. He pondered for a while, went upstairs, and came back with a mirror. He placed the mirror exactly opposite his arm. I saw it and realized that now left was right and right was left. I was dumbfounded and took the mirror. Being a kid of 5 years, I didn’t understand how it did the exact thing which I always did. 

This fascination and curiosity has stayed with me all this while. Now, I understand the working of mirror but the fascination never dwindled a bit. Every morning, I would stare in the mirror and forget everything. The mirror acted like a brainwasher and refresh button. Before leaving, I would always say the lines “I’m a confident person, nothing can go wrong, and I can do whatever I wish to.” This may sound kiddish and amateur, but believe me, this works and it’s the very secret of my success. 

The trip day was near. Everything was done and it was just a start to the most exciting 10 days of my life. We took off and started our journey. The trip was fabulous and Europe has plenty to learn from. We returned gaining a very valuable experience and with a bag full of memories.However, fate had other things planned for us. My firm- Call to Learn , which provided on call technical support and taught technical things on phone to people all over the world was in ashes. Lightning had stuck the electric wire, which lead to short circuit and my office caught fire. The three storeyed tower of computers was reduced to three metres of ashes and a place of destroyed rocks. I couldn’t control myself. I cried and wept for 2 hours continously. I had no where to go. The empire I built in five years was bought down in five hours. All I had was some money in bank. I was fortunate that no one got injured or died because of the fire. Somehow, Ruhani managed to calm me down and she bought me to sleep. 

I woke up next day. Freshened up and got ready. Just as I wore my tie, I realized about my loss. I screamed with all my might and punched the mirror. “Everything is in ashes, nothing is right, and I can’t fix this.” Ruhani came running and saw my bleeding hand. She bandaged it and calmed me down. She cleaned up the mirror from the wall and on the floor. 

Much to her surprise, she saw a key hole on the mirror wall and a key among the pieces of mirror. She called me and showed me. I quickly took the key and opened the secret door. I was expecting some treasure trove which would make me ultra rich over night and help me rebuild my ruined empire. Much to my disappointment, there was a small camera, a pen, and few sheets of paper. I took them out and while taking it, a letter fell from it. 
It read-

“To mr  Sahil,

Probably it’s the time when I told you the truth about yourself and the mirror. Ever since childhood, you’re a curious child and would inquire about everything from the secret behind uncle’s wealth to writing practices of human. It was difficult to answer all your questions, but more importantly it was even more difficult for me to digest the fact that you’re just like grandpa. Grandpa was also a curious and fascinated person who would go to any extent to uncover things and share it with everyone. This quality was never subdued in him and he became a spy. His job was interesting and always exciting. But at the same time, it was pretty dangerous too. One day, he was secretly hiding and recording a scam that was taking place in X mines, the largest mines during that time. Somehow, the people came to know about him and his spying. He managed to send the pictures to the newspapers, but he was killed on the spot. He also sent a note asking grandma to ensure that none of us get into this profession. There was no social, human, or romantic life in this field. There was no money.It was just a time bomb to death. 

Hence, Papa tried to suppress your curiosity and feelings of collecting information from everywhere. You also used the camera when you were just a kid and would simply go to someone’s house and start clicking pictures. One day, you went to our neighbor’s house and clicked pictures of uncle having an affair with the servant. From that day, the camera is hidden from you. 

I don’t know what would you do now, but there would be no more mirrors kept to distract your mind and give you false direction to something you’re not. Good that you finally broke the mirror of deception and saw your true self. The choice is yours now. Either rebuild your ruined business empire, do something entirely different, or become a spy like me.


Sahil from the future.


​Raat thi sunsaan, chaya hua tha andhera,

Darte kaapte hue main tha intezar mein ‘kab hoga savera?’

Aankhein hone lagi dheere se bandh,

Neend ki saasein bhi hone lagi buland.

Tabhi darwaze pe khatkhataya musafir,

Khauf ki bijli tan mein daud gayi phir.

“Kaun hai?” Chilaya main zor se,

Par kuch jawab na aaya darwaaze ke us paar se.

Vehem samaj ke wapas sogaya main,

Aksar neend mein hota rehta hai yeh.

Jaise hi hui aakhein bandh,

Achanak se badh gayi thand.

Darwaza phir khatkhatake chilane laga,

Main to darr se kapkapake hilne laga.

Muh se nikli na awaaz,

Darpok  tha main, na tha koi jaabaz.

Phir achanak se kuch sir pe gira,

Udhar dekha to jaana kaun tha ye sarphira.

Darwaza toota,

Main neend se utha.

Chilaayi ma ” Naalayak, aalsi, nikamme,

Kya kar tha shauchalya mein itne samay?”

The Supermoon

Billions of years ago, the sun had a crush on Earth. They always were together and stayed nearby. The Earth; a gorgeous and beautiful lady . Evergreen with her soothing smile. The Sun ; a handsome and hot man . Unmatched was his chivalrous nature. They stayed together for billions of years until fate had a different plan for them. 

It sowed the seeds of fire that grew and blasted them apart. Now, the sun and the earth were way apart, in different areas. Away from each other’s reach and in a different world. 
The Earth cried and sobbed. Each of her tears became flowing rivers and when they froze, they were glaciers. 

The Sun grew ferocious each moment. His anger knew no boundaries. It showed fate the power of eternal love and faith. It shone and gave light to a stone floating around. The stone served as a mark of love and faith the Sun had for Earth. Each day, it would give the stone some power of his own to say his heart’s feelings. The Earth in return would blossom flowers and make rainbows. 

The stone became the Moon, visible as their love strengthened. The stars became the witnesses of their eternal love. The rainbows and rivers were signs of joy and happiness of Earth. 

Together, they lived but apart they flourished!

Thanks for reading. Stay Happy and always keep smiling 😀

The Firework

Everyone in this world is good at something and bad at something. Everyone has some hidden talent that needs to be explored and is waiting to come out. The talent is like a firework.

Fireworks are the piece of gunpowder mixed with some explosive pyrotechnic device . Fireworks are pretty much like the talent within you. The thread to burn is your first experience with your talent. Slowly, it builds up and reaches the highest point of your potential. This is when the thread comes in contact with the explosive. It goes up, just like your progress in your field and your burning passion. Finally, all your struggles, self doubts, and confusions burn. The final product is the spectacular visual you see in the sky. It is the achievement you earned and it is the result of your struggles.

Therefore, go ahead. Burn every string of opportunity, take risks, be cautious enough to handle it carefully and have safety measures ready. All you need to do is to reach the string, burn it perfectly and start the process of reaching the sky. Nothing can stop you then. Reignite the match if it extinguishes, wait a while if it rains, let time pass if there’s sun in sky. Patience with a tinge of tactfulness will make you kiss the sky.

Come on, take the first step, let the firework in you explode and show the world what a spectacular human being you’re and display the excellence you always had in yourself. Be fearless, be yourself, and start the bandwagon of trying till you reach the sky.

Thanks for reading, keep smiling and have a great day 🙂

The Spark of Life 

Life, or shall I say the roller coaster of emotions? It goes up and down, slow and fast, but the essence lies there. Ever enjoyed a ride at amusement park with no fluctuations, definitely not unless you’re on the relax mode and opting for the flat ones like a simple boat ride on water! What’s more interesting that even our roads have enough potholes that you’ll face turbulence and jumps every now and then. Maybe that’s the reason India is nowhere seen in the amusement park business. The roads are definitely a low cost, back breaking alternative to roller coasters. No offense, government. We are used to riding on potholes.

How does the image fit in this? Look closely. You’ll see a great amount of fluctuation, just like the roller coaster ride. There are some parts dark and some bright, just like the ups and downs of the ride. The image looks beautiful because of that. If it only had lights, it would be pure white and it would be black in its absence.  Contrast and variation is its beauty.

The light compliments darkness and the darkness makes light stand out. That’s how it is.  Lights are happiness, optimism, and guidance of our lives. We all love this part. However, darkness is something we all hate. If there’s a power cut now, you’ll end up cribbing. Of course, that’s after your phone’s battery runs out and the power bank exhausts to death. The cut makes you realize what all you had. It would remind how important the tubelight is, and how much comfort does that three bladed cutter like helicopter part hanging on your ceiling gives. Maybe you’ll open your windows, look out and see around. The wise ones will enjoy the breeze, the morons will look at the single building having electricity and complain as to why there’s no inverter at my place! Maybe that’s what is making your place darker, the omnipresence of light!

Embrace the darkness, let it revive the spark in yourself, and see how exuberant the world looks without any additional light source but your soul! Go for a stroll downstairs, maybe you’ll end up playing hide and seek with your neighbors that you wanted to since forever. Maybe you’ll forget the existence of external sources like the mobile phone, pc , or television which are so essential for pleasure and gratification in this age. Maybe, you’ll have a sound sleep because you have nothing better to do. You’ll feel helpless and bored until the light comes. The experienced and ones with wisdom may light a candle and make a paper fan! Whatsoever, you’ll survive!

Therefore, go ahead and live the flashes of life. The rays will light your way, and moreover, activate your sense to guide yourself to the gates of enlightenment. The darkness will ignite the need for self-reliance and self-dependency. This combination will make you, you! 

Darkness is the discovery of yourself and light is your learning! 

Hope you liked this piece, tell me your thoughts about the same. I’ll be glad to hear them. 

Thank you for reading, stay happy, and always keep smiling 🙂

The Slow Shining


We are in an era where we always want to run. Speed is the thrill and speed is fun. It’s the very blood for our survival. Want to reach from place A to place B? Search for the fastest option, book a cab, here we come baby! Want to know news? Search up the net and here it is!

It’s the time for things in flash. And then, some people come. They would want to walk from place A to place B even if it takes a few hours, they would want to wait for the next morning to read news and gain knowledge by reading the whole article. They would cook everything when the same thing is available in the fast food point next door. These are the slow pokes and rather the no hassle or hurry ones. They’ll plan and wait , no impulsive stuff. Patience comes naturally to them. They’ll stand and witness each moment. They’ll observe what the security guard is doing, they’ll observe if the shop opposite to their house has the same old man selling flowers and they’ll try to live the moment without wanting to get in the flash ride of reaching the destination in a jiffy.

Behold, cherish, and live each moment ! Miracles happen everywhere. Happiness lies around you! See the man walking besides you, he’ll have a story to say. Look ahead, and you’ll find a baby sneaking out from his Mumma’s hands and smiling at you. Get rid of the technical obsession you’re holding in your hand, look up, there’s a world of possibilities waiting to enlighten and mesmerize you with all it’s might!

Thank you for reading and keep smiling ! 🙂