Eversmiling City

Many people come rushing in here,

Under the thoughts of getting rich or getting away from poverty’s fear.

Maybe it would be full of people and has no place, 

But still it would let you in with a smile on face. 

A jewel city that shines light like blessing in disguise, 
India’s rustling city and bollywood’s paradise. 

Come and experience a lifestyle that is unique and thrilling, 
Indeed it is an awesome place for business or for chilling. 
Take a breath and embrace its magic, 
You would never see a city eversmiling eafter events that are heartbreakingly tragic.

(Read the capital letters to know the name of the city)

These type of poems are called Acrostic poems. Do comment on how is the poem and what do you feel about this city. Thanks for reading and keep smiling ! 😀