The Food Tour

Hello! I know am  posting after a long time and I can give plenty of reasons for the same but simply said, I did not feel like writing online anything! Anyway, I have decided to write again after a long time and this time, it is on a food tour that I am at Mumbai. This is a series of reviews with photos of food and the places I visited. Do have a look and comment how you feel about the same!

Day 1

This the day I have entered Mumbai and it could not get a better start than what I had today. After having a sumptuous meal at home having Puran Poli ( a sweet Indian Bread with sugar or jaggery inside), I went along to Mi Marathi which is located at Vile Parle East just a kilometer away from the Vile Parle station. We did order the Misal Pav, Special Misal Pav and Kharvas at the same place.

Misal Pav and Special Misal Pav

Misal is a dish prepared with mixing potatoes, pulses like moong, moth beans, in a gravy made by mixing water with spices and all the mixture is cooked together. The dish is then garnished with onions, sev, and potato chiwda sticks at times. The final dish is usually spicy and one can have the best of it in parts of Maharashtra like Nashik or Pune.


Misal Pav- I could not resist having a piece of it and did not realize the absence of a picture until then! 

My personal favorite place to have Misal Pav is Mi Marathi . The Misal is simple one having potatoes mixed with Moong with Sev and onions in a good mixture of water and spices. The taste is perfect. It is spicy enough to enjoy the flavor and the savor of the masala and satiate your craving for savoring masaledar food. However, it is not spicy hot that would make you run for water. The other version, Special Misal pav is a bit on the spicier level and you should probably have it if you are a fan of spicy food and like having some heat on your tongue! The dish served with pav and topped with oonions would make you experience pure bliss at a super affordable price of 65!


Another dessert like item we had is called “Kharvas”. It is a milk pudding made by steaming milk with a special type of milk called “cheek” which is the first milk a cow gives after giving birth to a calf. The cheek and the normal milk are mixed and then sugar, saffron, and elaichi powder is added. This mixture is then steamed for around 20 minutes. After steaming, it is let to cool down and then it is served chilled.


Mixture of milk, sugar, saffron, and Elaichi powder. In other words, Pure bliss! 

Well, it is not very difficult to have the Misal Pav at other places than Mumbai but the Kharvas is an extremely difficult dessert to find outside Maharashtra because of its unique ingredient. Today, the Kharvas here was the top class. It was of perfect thickness and it was neither too soft nor too hard. It was like jelly. Smooth, textured, and fine enough to make you crave for it again. It would literally melt in your mouth and you can feel the chill combined with the sweetness of sugar and milk! The kharvas here was yellowish in color as they had mixed elaichi powder and saffron in it. Usually, it is white in color and it is also commonly found on streets of Maharashtra. This dessert costed us Rs. 45 but each penny was absolutely worth it!

Well, Mi Marathi is one of my favorites when it comes to having cost effective and super delicious food along with the perfect blend of sweetness! The service here is extremely fast and the staff is quite polite too. The no nonsense behavior and the swiftness in their work would make you want to come here again and again as I have been doing in these three years! What can satisfy the hungry stomach more than a perfectly reasonable and delicious meal along with a lip smacking dessert at the end?

Oh, my day did not end at this point and this was just evening when I had this unmatched combination. I then had a super yummy burger that my Mami (aunt) made! It had a patty containing secret ingredients along with onion, cabbage, beat, tomato, and cheese slice which added a gem to the start of my food journey! Aye, try not to get temped to eat any of these things through the photos! 😀



Home Made Burger
Try having something that your mom makes in a hotel and then you would realize what a special ingredient “Maa ka pyaar” is!

That was the day one of my food journey! Stay tuned for more as at least three to four days are yet to be full of magical food that would entice your palate!