About me

Hello, I am Harsh Thakkar. I am a media student, a writer, an actor, a football enthusiast, and music lover. This blog is all about some of my views on various topics and how they would affect a person. The topics and the articles are usually about serious things which may concern us and shape our lives. It is about various current affairs, events, happenings or things which would go on in society, schools, colleges, workplaces, etc. I also have another blog, which is totally the lighter side of my mind and focuses on random things like poems, stories, articles, and reviews-

As said before, these all are purely my perceptions and they can be absolutely wrong. I do not mind receiving criticism, mockery, or negative feedback for any of my articles. In fact, i would rather appreciate your views and the efforts taken by you in order to modify, edit and improve my articles. You could have a totally different perception and i would be more than happy to indulge in a happy and healthy debate in which one can learn to see a situation from multiple sides!

Lastly, it is the audience who makes the blog what it is. I would love if you viewers could like, comment, share or subscribe to my posts and give your feedback in any way possible. Your appreciation is my motivation.

Thank you and keep smiling:D


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