Raavi Paar

Hello, this is a story named Raavi Paar from the book of the same name by Gulzar. I have attempted to rewrite it in my own words. Do read and give your feedback.

The fire of hostility was spread all around. What was once a giant piece of land where humans lived as brothers in harmony was now divided into two sections based on religion. It was like The mother was forced to witness and select a side between the two of her sons and favor one of them. Riots, curfew, murders, and communal violence was a daily affair then.

Amidst this chaos and mess, there lived a family. It consisted of a man, woman, the man’s parents, and the couple’s twins. As the intensity of riots and violence increased, they decided to leave the place and go across the river to settle across the border.

As they were leaving with all the luggage and family, the father stood on the balcony and asked the couple if they are ready to go. They were ready. The old man took a step and started to come downstairs. But fate had something else decided for him. As soon as he reached the third step , he slipped and fell in the verandah. The old man fell exactly on the small hand pump and it pierced through his head. The blood was spread all around. The blood of the old man spread on the ground and colored mother earth as if she was crying red tears.

This shocked them but they needed to move on. They completed the rituals and then went to a Gurudwara for food and shelter. They stayed there for a day. As they left, the mother refused to come as they had to travel by train and old age would not be able support the struggle and hardship that they were going to face. After much discussion, the couple left with their twins. Their parents were left behind. The father was in heaven while the mother at God’s home. Both in the protection of holy powers.

The couple reached the station with their twins. The station was full of people and there was no place to stand. The train came and it was like a sugar crystal covered by ants from every possible angle. It seemed like a flock of people sitting on one another and there was no sign visible which could prove that it was a train except the length . Somehow, the couple got to climb the roof of the train as they had kids with them.

The journey started. The kids started crying and the mother knew they were hungry. She could only breastfeed her. This went on for a day. The next day, they could not hear one of the babies crying. Soon, the couple checked the baby. The baby had died. The greed and the desperation of man had lead to the death of everyone, from innocent newborns to the wise olds.

They kept the dead baby with them some time but they realized that there wasn’t enough space to keep the baby. The people sitting besides them also advised to throw the baby in the river when they pass the bridge as there would be a lot of violence and chaos even after they leave the train. It would be best to return the baby to mother nature through the holy river of Raavi. They agreed and they had not much choice.

Soon, the bridge arrived. One of the kid was in the hands of the husband while the other one was the wife and she was breastfeeding him. He threw the baby by wrapping it in a small cloth They soon heard a cry.

The baby being breastfed was the dead one.


2 responses to “Raavi Paar

  1. Wow very nice!!!
    I can’t believe my nanhu can write so beautiful articles and story too!!!!
    Love you bachcha


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