The Supermoon

Billions of years ago, the sun had a crush on Earth. They always were together and stayed nearby. The Earth; a gorgeous and beautiful lady . Evergreen with her soothing smile. The Sun ; a handsome and hot man . Unmatched was his chivalrous nature. They stayed together for billions of years until fate had a different plan for them. 

It sowed the seeds of fire that grew and blasted them apart. Now, the sun and the earth were way apart, in different areas. Away from each other’s reach and in a different world. 
The Earth cried and sobbed. Each of her tears became flowing rivers and when they froze, they were glaciers. 

The Sun grew ferocious each moment. His anger knew no boundaries. It showed fate the power of eternal love and faith. It shone and gave light to a stone floating around. The stone served as a mark of love and faith the Sun had for Earth. Each day, it would give the stone some power of his own to say his heart’s feelings. The Earth in return would blossom flowers and make rainbows. 

The stone became the Moon, visible as their love strengthened. The stars became the witnesses of their eternal love. The rainbows and rivers were signs of joy and happiness of Earth. 

Together, they lived but apart they flourished!

Thanks for reading. Stay Happy and always keep smiling 😀


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