The Firework

Everyone in this world is good at something and bad at something. Everyone has some hidden talent that needs to be explored and is waiting to come out. The talent is like a firework.

Fireworks are the piece of gunpowder mixed with some explosive pyrotechnic device . Fireworks are pretty much like the talent within you. The thread to burn is your first experience with your talent. Slowly, it builds up and reaches the highest point of your potential. This is when the thread comes in contact with the explosive. It goes up, just like your progress in your field and your burning passion. Finally, all your struggles, self doubts, and confusions burn. The final product is the spectacular visual you see in the sky. It is the achievement you earned and it is the result of your struggles.

Therefore, go ahead. Burn every string of opportunity, take risks, be cautious enough to handle it carefully and have safety measures ready. All you need to do is to reach the string, burn it perfectly and start the process of reaching the sky. Nothing can stop you then. Reignite the match if it extinguishes, wait a while if it rains, let time pass if there’s sun in sky. Patience with a tinge of tactfulness will make you kiss the sky.

Come on, take the first step, let the firework in you explode and show the world what a spectacular human being you’re and display the excellence you always had in yourself. Be fearless, be yourself, and start the bandwagon of trying till you reach the sky.

Thanks for reading, keep smiling and have a great day 🙂


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