Open letter to teachers prohibiting students to enter late

The relationship between a student and a teacher is the most pious, professional, and valuable one. This relation is what shapes the future of the students and gives immense satisfaction, pride, content, and happiness to the teachers. Schools, colleges, and universities are where students and teachers meet and share a unique bond, which sails on the sea of knowledge. Many people even refer to classrooms and school as a temple of knowledge.

However, there are some hindrances, which confine the growth and development of a student in this temple. The most commonly faced hindrance is that of being debarred to enter the class on coming late. Let us take the point of view of each side one by one:-

Teacher – often, teachers have a point of view that ensuring punctuality will develop and bud the discipline of the students. It would also inculcate time management skills and balancing all faces of life equally and efficiently. Another point of view, which some teachers may have, is the concentration and flow of the teaching, which is cut when some student comes late and creates a disturbing ripple in this calm and serene river. This all points are very valid and perfectly noted by all the students.

Student’s perspective – students are as equal part of this holy transference and sharing of knowledge as teachers. The students have the will to learn and develop their knowledge in order to help them for future, if not in wisdom, at least in getting a good job or degree in future. We all try their best to deliver their 100% and reciprocate the hard work and feelings of the teachers. We try to attend every lecture, but some lectures do not match their style, way of learning or simply their zone of developing. Each of us has a unique way to learn things and nourish the seeds of curiosity with water of information and knowledge. There are certain problems we face in doing so, such as:-

  1. Attendance – the most debatable aspect of education is attendance according to me. Many students are forced to attend a lecture, which we do not wish to or like because of this factor. This often leads to them entering late, as we do not have the incentive or the inclination to attend the lecture. As a result, we tend to sleep, do masti, or do something, which may be considered as not with the accordance of the classroom decor. Maybe, if this factor were not present, we would have a higher concentration level, class participation, incredible share of ideas and even better results. This even leads to people indulging into means like giving and taking proxy on the sheets. This may be considered unethical or wrong, but we also consider this as a means of paving our path to securing the seat in examination hall and avoiding the hassle of involving parents or any other party in this matter. They are already tensed because of several reasons and we definitely do not want to add one more!
  2. External factors – there are several other factors which make a person late. As students, not all of us have access to private vehicles, which makes us rely on public transport. Buses, trains, rickshaws, and taxis, these all are forms of public transport, which we depend upon. Many times, we do not get them on time and are even rejected to use them by their owners. In fact, getting a Rickshaw in Mumbai is harder than getting an empty seat in Dadar local! There are family problems, health, sleep, friends, finance etc. that also contribute to our routine.
  3. We as students are more eager and happy to attend lectures as our future depends on it, we learn life skills through it make great friends, widen our narrow and infant perception, get some great ideas, and we have paid fees for the same. None of us would be able to enjoy life better if there was no college or school. We all come with full intention and determination to learn and exchange an array of thoughts with people.

To conclude, we students want to get in the class even if we come late. Many of us come from far off places, which take an hour or two to travel; it would be unjust to stop us from entering because we did not manage to reach on time sometimes. We are the ones who suffer when we come late, we have already missed the studies, and then, if there is no entry given, we miss them further and our coming to college becomes pointless! We all completely respect and admire the fact that teachers take a lot of efforts and pain to deliver the best. We also agree that entering late breaks the flow. Maybe we can have a better environment if there are entry breaks in between where late people can enter. Maybe the pressure of attendance does not come in our way of learning and managing things. After all, all of us are here to grow, develop, and expand the horizons of our knowledge and wisdom. We should not let any factor limit this holy intention and cage our flight to the skies.

Please note that no point or anything is written with the intention of hurting any person, ideas, perspective, or feelings about anything. This is purely a point of view of an ordinary student. If at all I did hurt anyone, his or her perspective, feelings or any thought process, I apologize sincerely.

Thank you and keep smiling. 🙂

– Harsh Thakkar